FMS Accounting Department is ready to receive outsourced work and payroll of a variety of clients.


From the initial setting up of an accounting system for your company to interim reviews of the accounts, make the preparation of budgets and monthly or quarterly reports, as well as year-end financial statements and all tax and social contribution returns, FMS Accounting is a full-scale accounting partner for your business.


Complementing our core accounting expertise, FMS Accounting has developed an extensive range of accounting and payroll services complemented by tax structuring and administration services. We offer tailor-made accounting services (for both corporate and private clients), which ensure compliance with local statutory requirements.

Our services include:


  • Fixed Assets (purchase, sale, depreciation, capitalization, leasing, appraisals, etc.),

  • Current Assets,

  • Debtors/Creditors Affairs,

  • Vendors (contracts, payments delivery, etc.),

  • Sales,

  • Financials (loans, borrowings, etc.),

  • Cash and Bank transactions,

  • Employee compensations,

  • Shareholder Matters (distribution of dividends, withholding taxes, internal audit),

  • Taxes (including calculation, payment, reporting),

  • Book-keeping & financial reporting,

  • Payroll services,

  • Value added tax (VAT) compliance & consultancy,

  • Income tax services,

  • Tax structuring & administration,

  • Liquidation support.