FMS was founded in Yerevan, Armenia in February 2005 in an effort to provide specialized Accounting, Audit, Legal, Business and Marketing consulting services to the rapidly growing business sectors in Armenia. Clients range from Diaspora investors, to start-up companies, non-profit foundations, as well as international exporters and distributors.

Low overhead, high flexibility, and a broad range of specializations among our multi-faceted staff allow for a customized tailored approach for each of our clients. We recognize the demand to be internationally competitive and make continual efforts to be kept abreast of international best practices in developing dynamic solutions for our diverse customers.

Considering Armenian market requirements and our goal to supply full range of business services in Armenia, we has added partnership with Real Estate Agencies in order to enhance our value to our clientele.

We are ready to discuss your company’s specific needs, and work together to find the best solutions for you business.

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