A highly experienced team of professionals possessing required knowledge and skills will be assigned to your engagement. Our team’s ability to provide high quality service depends on a thorough understanding of the business processes, accounting procedures, internal controls and financial reporting issues specific to the sphere your company operates in.


The team is headed by Mr. Karen Fidanyan, who has over 12 years working experience in accounting, legal consulting, audit and tax planning, and is a full member  of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Armenia from 2009. He also holds the certificate of a qualified auditor issued by the Ministry of Finance of RA in 2009.


Our team consists of experienced professionals who have carried out audits within the relevant industry and professionals with detailed knowledge of specific issues.


In-house IT and translational expertise complements the technical know-how and core experience at FMS.


There are 16 specialists  employed full-time in FMS and in addition, FMS coordinates the efforts of several experts who are available on-call, if needed. 

Fidanyan Karen

Managing Partner & CEO

O: +(374 10) 545 923

M: +(374 91) 202 507

Fidanyan Karen - Managing Partner: holds his M.S. in Finance and Credit from the Armenian State University of Economics. Mr. Fidanyan has over ten years' experience corporate finance, tax planning and tax law, accounting, real estate and employment law, corporate and finance law. Mr. Fidanyan is a native speaker of Armenian, and fluent in Russian and English. He is a qualified auditor, legal consultant and tax specialist.

Sargsyan Aram

Managing Partner

O: +(374 10) 545 923

M: +(374 55) 143 430

Sargsyan Aram - Managing Partner: holds his M.S. in International Economics from the Armenian State University of Economics. He is a Marketing senior specialist, over ten years marketing experience in Moscow (Paradis Productions from 1999) and Paris (The MarketinGroup from 2002). Strategic marketing, event management, advertising, direct marketing, web marketing and data management. Mr. Sargsyan is a native speaker of Armenian, Russian and French and fluent in English.

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