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FMS offers its clients a spectrum of specialized business services that guarantee a complete turnkey solution to clients wishing to set up or relocate their business to Armenia. The FMS’s commitment is to provide business services by adhering to the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality. We are ready to discuss your company’s specific needs and work together to find the best solutions for you.

HR Services

- Drafting agreements, notifications, and orders
- Drafting employee's cards, keeping personal files
- Drafting working timesheet, vacation schedule
- Drafting documents of a business trip, vacation
- Drafting documents for bonuses, compensation
- Drafting job descriptions, internal disciplinary code

- Set-up of accounting systems
- Examination of the initial documents
- Registration of transactions on accounts
- Issuance and acceptance of invoices
- Preparation of financial statements
- Preparation and submission of tax reports


Legal Services


- Registration and liquidation of companies

- Drafting of internal documentation

- Participation in negotiations and legal advice

- Preparation and examination of legal documents

- Registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights

- Representation of interests in court

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