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About Us

FMS was established in 2005 and provided specialized Accounting, HR, and Legal Services to Armenia's rapidly growing business sector.

Our team’s ability to provide high-quality service depends on a thorough understanding of the business processes and specifics of the sphere in which your company operates.

Working hand in hand with a selected network of international partners, the group aims high at exceeding clients’ service expectations through a sound and results-oriented business approach.


Reputation - 90% of clients turned to us on the recommendation from our clients, who have been working with us for over 15 years

Experience - We have been in this field for over 15 years, and many of our employees have over 15 years of experience

Insurance -  We take responsibility for compensation for damage caused to clients as a result of the provision of services

Entirety - The presence of accountants, lawyers, HR, and IT specialists allows us to satisfy the client's interests comprehensively

Quality - According to the results of tax audits carried out on clients for 15 years, no professional errors were recorded

Flexibility - We coordinate the work of several professionals who, if necessary, can join our team

Reliability - We are clearly aware of the need to maintain the confidentiality of client information

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